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Menopause In The News: A Gentle Approach

It's incredible and exhilarating to see positive messages about aging featured everywhere—from the Huberman podcast to New York Times best-selling books, Oprah Magazine, and MS. Magazine. I don't know if it's just our Instagram feed or if everyone is talking about menopause, but it's heartening to witness this shift.

Just a few years ago, menopause was something we hardly spoke about. It was that "meno thing" we kept hush-hush. But now, with the excitement comes a flood of information, and it can be overwhelming. What should we do? When should we do it? How do we navigate all this advice?

Today, we want to simplify things for you a bit. Keep it simple. Instead of trying to solve every problem, let's focus on one simple action that can make a big difference: getting clean protein in every meal and snack.

Why Protein Matters

Protein is crucial for our health, especially during menopause. It helps maintain muscle mass, keeps our energy levels stable, and supports overall well-being. However, too much protein in one sitting can strain our digestive system, which becomes more sensitive during menopause. Dr. Anna Lee, a gastroenterologist, suggests, “Women in menopause should aim for balanced meals that provide sufficient protein without overwhelming the digestive tract. About 20-30 grams per meal is ideal, depending on individual health needs.” 

The Benefits of Brown Rice Protein

One of the best sources of protein for our sensitive systems is brown rice protein. It's easily digestible, hypoallergenic, and packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, it's a sustainable, vegan option that fits well into a clean, health-focused diet.

Small Changes, Big Impact

At XO Jacqui, we created our protein powders to relieve bloating and digestive mysteries that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Our goal is to help you achieve some regularity (every pun intended). When you start feeling just a little better, it inspires you to make more positive changes. Here’s how it can unfold:

  • Less Sugar: As you incorporate clean protein, you might find yourself craving less sugar.
  • More Energy: With stable energy levels, you might start taking daily walks.
  • Better Sleep: Regular exercise and balanced nutrition can improve your sleep quality.
  • Positive Self-Care: With more energy and better sleep, you’ll have the drive to take care of yourself in positive ways.

These small changes can have a ripple effect, improving your relationships, daily routine, and overall sense of well-being. You start to feel better in your body, and that positivity permeates every aspect of your life.

Take the First Step

Pick one thing to focus on. Maybe it’s strengthening your muscles and bones. Maybe it’s just feeling great in your body. Start with clean, easily digestible protein in every meal and snack, and let it be the foundation for the positive changes you wish to see.

Here’s to navigating menopause with grace and vitality.

Alexis & Jacqui

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