Menopause is a time to refine your palate, move away from refined sugar and fill your system with whole food, organic ingredients. 

Our co-founder and baker Alexis creates yummy recipes centered around our protein powders, boosts and sweetener. From morning smoothies to baked treats, and yes, even ice cream, we’ve got something for every craving, especially that late night snack monster. (Anyone else, or just us?)

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Alexis Davis
XO Jacqui Co-founder
Owner of Sun Oven Bakery

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XO Jacqui's Fresh + Creamy Almond Milk

There's an unmistakable freshness that comes with creating your own nut milk. Store-bougt versions, while convenient, often contain additives, preservatives and hidden sugars that can dim thegenuine nutty flavor and undermine the health benefits. Making your own almond milk at home is surprisingly easy.

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