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Get Your Glow On: Why Your Skin Loves Natural Food

I had great skin in my teenage years, but when I turned 20, my face went from porcelain to blotchy and itchy, with breakouts on my cheeks and back. I tried over-the-counter skin care products—scrubs, acne medications, dry skin lotions—but nothing worked. A friend recommended I see a naturopathic doctor, and that was a pivotal moment. I began to eat healthy, natural foods, and my skin loved it.

Then I hit menopause, and my skin changed again. It became sensitive to everything I put on it, and my medicine cabinet filled up once more. I was eating great, lots of healthy protein, including a daily smoothie with healthy fats like avocado and XO Jacqui Vanilla Greens protein powder, but my skin needed more. Below, I share what I did to deal with the changes menopause brings to our skin.

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The Science Behind Skin Health

Your skin is an organ, and just like any other organ, it needs proper nourishment to function at its best. What you put into your body is just as important as what you apply to your skin. Here's a fascinating fact: your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it. This means the ingredients in your skincare products can significantly impact your overall skin health. Let's explore five ways to keep your skin glowing from the inside out.

1. Nourish with Nutrient-Rich Foods

Inside: A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants supports skin health by promoting cell regeneration and combating oxidative stress.
Outside: Applying nutrient-rich products like Kadalys Yellow Banana Bioactives boosts your skin’s natural glow and protects against environmental damage. If you don’t know about this brand, I suggest checking out what they are doing in the world of positive aging for women.

2. Hydrate Your Skin and Body

Inside: Drinking plenty of water and consuming hydrating foods keep your skin plump and supple.
Outside: Using hydrating products, such as Kadalys' Radiance Oil, locks in moisture and keeps your skin barrier strong.

3. Embrace Healthy Fats

Inside: Healthy fats from foods like avocados, nuts, and seeds provide essential fatty acids that maintain skin elasticity and hydration.
Outside: Fatty acids in skincare products help nourish and protect your skin cells.

4. Boost with Protein

Inside: Protein is crucial for repairing skin tissue and maintaining its firmness. Our XO Jacqui protein powder supports healthy digestion and provides the necessary building blocks for skin health.
Outside: Applying protein-infused skincare can enhance your skin’s texture and strength.

5. Manage Stress and Develop Rituals

Inside: Managing stress through activities like yoga and meditation helps prevent stress-related skin issues such as acne and premature aging.
Outside: Daily skincare rituals provide a calming routine that helps reduce stress, while ingredients like antioxidants repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Why XO Jacqui Loves Kadalys

Kadalys is a brand that understands the importance of natural ingredients for skin health. The founder Shirley Bilot created Kadalys in 2012, the first eco-conscious brand, which develops ingredients by upcycling agricultural co-products from the banana sector and transforming them into ethical and high-quality skincare products.

"I founded Kadalys to make the world a better, healthier, and more equal place. I wanted to make it better by actively addressing the challenges of tomorrow: tackling food waste and creating long-term and sustainable employment. This is why 100% of Martinique’s planters are shareholders and included in our upcycling and eco-extraction efforts."

Kadalys isn't just a brand; it's a movement. A decade-long study of banana bioactives, rigorous clinical trials, and a commitment to merging tradition with science make Kadalys a leader in the pro-aging revolution we are experiencing in our culture today.

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