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Elevate Your Mood, Build Lean Muscle & Keep Your Bones Strong

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”
~ Rikki Rogers

I know we have products that are 100% focused on nutrition and don’t get me wrong, a lot can be done with natural foods to help with all aspects of our health. Clean protein throughout the day, low sugar intake matched with portion control can do a lot to reduce symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. But, if you add movement into your daily routine, it’s like putting that final touch on the masterpiece of your life. 

Daily movement is essential. Engaging in regular physical activities that you love (or can learn to love) can elevate your mood, build lean muscle, keep your bones strong, and your heart healthy.

Mood Elevator

Exercise is a natural mood enhancer that stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. As you move, these endorphins help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, leaving you feeling happier, more energized, and emotionally balanced.

Lean Muscle Builder & Bone Strength

Maintaining lean muscle mass becomes increasingly important as we age and experience the ups and downs of the estrogen rollercoaster. Regular exercise, particularly strength training, helps build and preserve lean muscle mass, which is essential for overall health, metabolism, and functional independence. And let’s not forget bone health. On average women will experience a 10% loss of their bone mass in the first five years after menopause. You can reduce the rate of bone loss with the magical combination of protein throughout the day and exercise (weight bearing is best). 

Heart Health Creator

Cardiovascular health is crucial throughout life but especially during menopause, as hormonal changes can increase the risk of heart disease. Engaging in aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling, strengthens the heart and improves circulation. Plus you will feel amazing and it will help with weight gain, and body aches, especially if you add in stretching. 

Empowerment and Positivity

Exercise empowers and promotes positivity by helping you feel more confident and capable in your body. As you gain strength, flexibility, and endurance, you’ll experience a greater sense of self-efficacy and accomplishment that carries over into other areas of your life.

 A Few of My Favorite Exercises for Menopause

Yoga – Increases flexibility, strength, and balance while promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Pilates – Builds core strength and improves posture, which can help alleviate menopause-related back pain. Plus, you will feel a sense of alignment and fluidity of movement that lifts your mood. Pilates is a game changer. You can find great matt pilates classes online. 

Strength training – Helps maintain and build lean muscle mass, keeps the bones strong and supports overall health and metabolism. I have always lifted weights but when menopause came on strong I added more. It felt great to be getting stronger during a phase of life that felt confusing and disempowering. Lifting heavy gave me body confidence. 

Cardio – Activities like walking, cycling, or swimming can improve cardiovascular health and help manage weight. I am not a lover of basic cardio so I took up tennis and now I am a tad bit obsessed. If you are not a fan of basic cardio like me, try something new that has always been in the back of your mind. Always fun to be a beginner. 

Let us know what is helping you most these days with your perimenopause / menopause journey. We would love to hear all about it. Email us at hello@xojacqui.com. 

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