Finding Time: How Self-Care is Really Caring for All - XO Jacqui

Finding Time: How Self-Care is Really Caring for All

After a peaceful retreat, filled with quiet and care for myself, I came back home. Right away, life got messy. My son was really sick with the flu, which got worse and turned into pneumonia. My new calm from the retreat? It vanished as I jumped back into mom mode, forgetting the self-care routines I had just rediscovered.

I like to think of keeping up with self-care like having a swimming pool that’s just the right amount of full. But then it rains – life happens – and suddenly, water's spilling over the edges. My routine was shaken up, just like that pool.

So, what’s the trick to keep floating when life tries to soak your calm? For me, it’s all about sticking to my morning routine. That little bit of morning peace sets the tone for my whole day. It's about waking up, having some water, and smiling at myself in the mirror (thanks to Mel Robbins’ idea of the high five). Then, I make my tea. It's my moment, my ritual that fills me with happiness. It's about starting my day grounded, feeling that little spark of joy.

What’s your thing? What’s one small ritual that could bring you to you in the morning?

I also write in my journal and enjoy my tea quietly, looking out the window. When life got tough with my son being ill, falling back into this morning ritual was what saved me. Self-care or self-love, call it what you want, but it’s about putting yourself first for a moment in the rush of the day. For me, mornings work best. Maybe for you, it’s different.

I really believe in sharing these little ways we can love ourselves. It’s like Elizabeth Gilbert says, it’s about finding those pieces of joy and holding onto them, especially when life gets busy or hard. When we take care of ourselves, we’re better at taking care of everyone else too.

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