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You're Sweet Organic Sweetener

We did it. We created a natural sweetener to ween you off the "bad stuff" that tastes amazing. It's not just about adding sweetness; it's about maintaining stable blood sugar levels & reducing inflammation.
Our organic sweeteners blend of apples and dates, offers a delicious way to reset your palate and say goodbye to processed sugars. No aftertaste, just pure, natural sweetness. Perfect for your morning coffee or smoothie! Just one gram of sugar and seven calories.

Sugar Sucks: Let Me “Toe” You About It - XO Jacqui

Sugar Sucks: Let Me “Toe” You About It

Sugar plays a major role in everything from that 3pm ‘I need a nap’ feeling to chronic diseases. Research (the good, solid kind) indicates a clear relationship between sugar, inflammation, and health problems. Plus, sugar doesn’t just mess with your body; it muddles with your mind, too. A dive into scientific literature, like that found in “Plos One,” shows sugar impacts our brains similarly to addictive substances. Scary, but oddly not surprising.
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Navigate Menopause with ConfidenceThe XO Starter Kit

Fuel your strength, minimize symptoms, and get the protein you need without the bloat and a little You're Sweet too.

You're Sweet Chia Seed Smoothie - XO Jacqui

You're Sweet Chia Seed Smoothie

Add a little You're Sweet to this berry and banana recipe. Perfect to reset your sweet tooth with a natural organic sweetener, with just one gram of sugar and seven calories per serving. Chia seeds play nicely with any XO Jacqui protein powder base and remember - they have important nutrients in addition to suppressing appetite and assisting weight loss. Of course berries galore to fight oxidative stress and build the immune system. Did you know that 75% of your immune system is in your digestive tract?