Power to the Pause | Move Joint-relief Boost | Move Boost - XO Jacqui
Power to the Pause | Move Joint-relief Boost | Move Boost - XO Jacqui
Power to the Pause | Move Joint-relief Boost | Move Boost - XO Jacqui

Move Joint-relief Boost

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Our fiber-rich formula is the ultimate solution for joint pain relief. Made with an organic blend of pumpkin, chia seeds, and turmeric, and packed with essential nutrients including vitamins C and E, calcium, and magnesium. Experience natural pain relief with turmeric, while protein-rich chia seeds support tissue repair and growth. Enhanced blood circulation ensures vital nutrients reach joint areas, promoting flexibility and mobility.

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    • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties from pumpkin, chia seeds, and turmeric alleviate joint inflammation, reducing pain and stiffness.
    • Supports joint health and function with vitamins C and E from pumpkin, and minerals like calcium and magnesium from chia seeds, promoting strong bones and tissues.
    • Fiber content aids in weight management, reducing pressure on joints and alleviating discomfort.
    • Natural pain relief from curcumin in turmeric eases joint discomfort.
    • Protein from chia seeds supports tissue repair and growth, aiding in joint health.
    • Improved blood circulation from turmeric enhances nutrient supply to joint areas, promoting joint comfort.
    • Antioxidants combat oxidative stress associated with joint pain, supporting overall joint health.

    Made with three 100% Organic ingredients. Pumpkin, Turmeric and Chia Seeds.

    How to Use

    Add 1 teaspoon or so of your favorite boost to any XO smoothie recipe, or favorite drink. Use anytime, whenever you feel body aches and pains coming on. Or better yet, daily, to get that consistent relief from this impactful menopause symptom. 

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    Sometimes you feel a little hot, sometimes you bloat?

    Nature to the rescue with our 3 organic ingredient menopause symptom relief boosts - target what's really going on! We've made 6 so far and more on the way.

    How does this help?

    We've all been there. We try a protein powder packed with ingredients and it overwhelms our system. With boosts you can tailor your smoothie to what is going on with you. It's your smoothie your way with our protein powder as the foundation.

    How do I use the boosts?

    Add a serving to your smoothie or mocktail (we are big fans of mocktails at the office), and mix or blend it in. We get questions about time of day - like "what if I take the libido boost in the morning - will I be randy all day?" Honestly, we don't know on that one. Please email us! :)

    In all seriousness, we add them to our smoothies daily and mix it up depending on how we feel. Wake up bloated, use the De-Puff boost, going through some "hot" times mix some Cool boost in. You've got it!

    Who came up with this crazy idea?

    Jacqui will tell you it was Alexis. Alexis will tell you it was Jacqui. We wanted to drink a delicious smoothie that actually helps us with what's going on with us! The boosts let that happen with ease.