Overnight Chia Breakfast Pudding - XO Jacqui

Overnight Chia Breakfast Pudding


¼ cup chia seeds
1 cup plant milk
¼ cup XO Jacqui Berry Pomegranate Protein Powder


Mix plant milk and XO Protein Powder. Add chia seeds. Store in an airtight container overnight. When ready to enjoy pudding, add your favorite toppings: nuts, fruit, honey, hemp seeds, coconut, chocolate chips, maple syrup, even avocado is a fun addition! Get creative!

Why It’s Awesome

Cha Cha Cha CHIA - these little seeds are powerhouses! When combined with the berry pomegranate (or any of the XO Jacqui superfood base mixes), this find is a gold mine. Chia seeds not only add to the fiber, protein, niacin and antioxidant levels already found in XO Jacqui; they are low in calories while taming hunger for hours, thereby assisting with weight loss efforts. Who knew?

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