“I Love XO with oat milk and ice… I drink it after my long shifts at the bakery and it gives me so much energy for the rest of the day and to play tennis after work!”

- Sera Burton 52 years old BakeryOperations Manager/Tennis player

“I am loving the protein powder by XO/Jacqui! First of all, it tastes great. It’s perfectly sweet, unlike most protein powders that are ridiculously over-sweetened. And second, I love the honest, simple, organic ingredients. I know exactly what I’m getting! It fills me up, makes me feel great, and it’s pink!”

- Sarah Houseman 46 years old Personal Trainer/Dance Instructor

“The best even my hubby drinks it!! Xoxo.”

- Deborah Herron Aged 56 Entrepreneur & Athlete

“I'm a 53 year old mom who's doing all she can to keep up with her two active teenagers. This includes my XO shake with frozen yogurt, ice, almonds and bueberries! Easy and delicious!”

- Penny Fie Aged 53 Mom

“Having had a hysterectomy I started menopause early in life. It's been a challenge to balance my system without using all those yucky additives. XOJacqui is not only delicious but makes me feel great! It gives me energy and that boost in protein I need to get through my day. I enjoy it simply with just almond milk and a tad cane sugar. And I love the fact that it's made by women for women!”

- Jenn P Aged 40 Self Employed

“As a 50-year-old vegetarian recovering from a really hard health year, I know that getting enough protein to support my healing is super important. I love how clean XO / Jacqui is and when I have it for breakfast, it helps me feel good and steady all day long.”

- Alana Sheeren Writer + Energy Wrangler

“My whole life I’ve hated that my hormones have such an affect on my workouts. By inviting them into the equation, I’m able be my strongest in the gym AND the most self-loving in supporting my biology.”

- Kristen Smith 39 years old Graphic Designer

“Midday off-my-feet reboot😌 XO, almond milk and ice smoothie with a dollop of coconut whip.”

- Lauri Dawson Mom