XO Granola Bowl - XO Jacqui

XO Granola Bowl


1 cup plant based yogurt
¼ cup XO Jacqui Protein Powder
¼ cup plant based milk
¼ cup granola
¼ cup fresh berries
1 tbsp seeds (hemp, chia, flax)
1 tsp XO Jacqui Boost (whatever boost you need today!)


In a bowl, combine yogurt, XO Jacqui Protein Powder and milk. Whisk until powder is combined and no clumps are visible. Transfer to a serving bowl and top with granola, berries, seeds. Sprinkle an XO Jacqui Boost on top for some extra pep in your step!

If you prefer a sweeter take, add to taste. We’re partial to our You’re Sweet Organic Sweetener, but you can also try organic maple syrup, honey (if you’re not vegan), or use a naturally sweetened plant-based milk.

Why It’s Awesome

Start with any of the versatile XO Jacqui protein powders and then add the other simple ingredients to make a quick, filling granola bowl. Experiment with any favorite additions. An insider tip here - any fresh fruit you add comes with its own crucial digestive enzymes that act as a distributor of ALL nutrients throughout the digestive tract and into the bloodstream - now how cool is that?! Grow and glow and go - you wonderful vision of woman. 🖤

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