Alexis Davis is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mom to three amazing, active teens and the founder and CEO of SunOven Gluten-Free Bakery in Ojai, California. She is a lifelong athlete who played tennis for the University of California at Irvine and continues to play and compete regularly. Wellness is at the heart of everything she does, from feeding her family to starting a dedicated gluten-free, vegan, organic and allergy-friendly wholesale bakery, and supporting and empowering women to stay healthy as they age with XO Jacqui.

Losing her father unexpectedly just before getting pregnant with her first child launched Alexis on a lifelong quest to understand and support her own health and that of her loved ones. She started reading ingredient lists, cutting out anything artificial and focusing on simple, whole foods. Over time, juggling her family’s busy schedule, running two businesses and staying active while watching her parents and in-laws age has crystallized a passion into a mission. More recently, asking herself how she wants to live the second half of her life has propelled her into searching for the best ways to maintain health, strength and vitality through perimenopause and menopause. XO Jacqui is an essential piece of that puzzle, and she is thrilled to be able to share it with others who want to feel great now and at 80 and beyond!