JACQUI BURGE has immersed herself in the health and wellness world for over 20 years and currently oversees multiple successful companies that practice her groundbreaking philosophy of what it means “to be well for you.” Besides her passionate voice encouraging women of all ages to “lift heavy” and her work leading online wellness site, Desk Yogi, and her in-person movement studio Move Sanctuary; Jacqui spends her time with her family, playing competitive tennis and dreaming up new ways to help women feel vital and strong as they age. Jacqui’s philosophy can be summed up in the below quote.

“I realized that one of my core aesthetics is that you really have to be an advocate for you. If you don’t find out what works for you in terms of getting healthier and achieving that balance throughout your life, you’re not going to get anywhere. It’s about being more experimental with your experiences, staying curious and not being fearful to step out of your comfort zone for that greater reward.”

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