Our Process

Made by women for women in Ojai, California

Our aim was to create a product that was good to our bodies and tasted great while also packing a big hit of protein. So we got a group of women from all different backgrounds together in our kitchen in Ojai, California and let them be our guide.

We sampled dozens of formulations, and multiple recipes, and their input brought us to the delicious protein powder we have today.

This tasty 100% organic plant-based protein powder is free of gluten, soy, dairy, and stevia. Instead of artificial sweeteners, this formula relies on monk fruit for its sweetness. Each serving packs in 14 grams of plant-based protein, sourced from organic brown rice seeds, for optimal wellness. And our customers love that it’s easy on the digestive system.

We want to say thank you to all the Ojai women who helped strengthen women around the world!