Recipe Tips

How to get the most out of your recipes while listening to your body's needs.

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Retrain Your Palate Painlessly

 We all know how refined sugar can worsen menopausal symptoms, but it can be hard to kick that sweet tooth! So, start small. We’ve designed these recipes so that you can add organic maple syrup, honey, or naturally sweetened plant milks as a first step in the right direction.

And when you’re ready to experience the symptom relief that comes with breaking up with sugar, we’re here for you! Our You’re Sweet whole food organic sweetener is designed to help you transition your palate away from refined sugar. Start with the recommended serving, and over time, reduce the amount you use as your tastebuds reset.

We all know each day in our bodies is different. Some days you might want more sweetener, some days less. This is the perfect opportunity to practice listening to your body.



Find the Right Base for Your Body

Remember when there was only one kind of milk? The “got milk” campaign was huge when most of us were growing up, now, 30 years later, the alternative milk choices are endless!

At XO Jacqui we recommend that you experiment with what works best for your body. Just within our XO team our preferences vary wildly. Jacqui makes her own almond milk, Alexis likes oat*, and Kristen - I don’t think she uses milk at all. Johanna has to have salt, so the saltiest milk is her jam while Huyen likes it sweet and creamy.

Play, find out what feels good, not just while you drink it but after. Are you bloated? Do you feel heavy in your body? Are you constipated? Blood sugar out of whack? Then it’s time to try something different.

Most of our recipes use almond or coconut milk, but regular milk is just fine if that’s what works best for you. No judgment here, and we hope no judgment over there.

*We don’t recommend using oat milk on a daily basis because it can create bloating and lethargy. That’s just our two cents.



Short Answer: Nope

Don’t stress over your organic game. Yes, organic is preferable, but it can also be expensive or harder to find. It’s great if you have a farmers market nearby and can buy berries to freeze at home, or just hit the freezer section at your local grocery store.



Play With Your Food

XO Jacqui is made in Ojai, CA, the land of avocados. Some of our recipes mention avocados, but they aren’t always easy to come by, and they can get expensive. You can always substitute a banana, coconut oil or milk. Or, some markets have frozen avocados which can work great as an alternative to the fresh ones - you know the ones you forgot you had and then missed that one day when they were ripe?

Again, play with the recipes and ingredients. The point is to see what you like, what your body likes (often two different things) and go from there.